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Next Show TBA.


3 Guest Chairs are normally scheduled to be LIVE-ON-AIR at our C4FM RADIO Mic

M7WDX-ROOM    86134     /    ysf  86134   GB  C4FM  RADIO

You can get on via CQ-WORLD if you connect with DG-ID 74 on the radio.

Next Show TBA, 19:00 hrs GMT

NET 14:00 hrs EST

NET 13:00 hrs CST

NET 11:00 hrs WST

Q & A follows in our Second Half of every show for your questions on the days topics.

COFFEE CLUB open mic 17:00 - 18:50 GMT,  please clear 10 minutes before start of talk show.

Coffee Club 11:00 hrs EST    14:50 hrs EST

Coffee Club 09:00 hrs EST   12:50 hrs CST

Coffee Club 07:00 hrs EST   10:50 hrs CST

Our Wires-X Club private group on Facebook with 800+ members, join us.

A Verifyable callsign is required!

Editors mail bag:  hamradio@ M7WDX.com



Radios you said you like (Wires-X  compatable): [ send editor your fav ]




FT-5D  [ packed with features and audio quality you asked for ]

FTM-100D  [ an excellent slave transceiver for HRI 200 (Wires-X Room) NODE setup ]

FTM-400D  [ being phased out ]




Hotspots & Repeaters custom built that you said you like:  [ send editor your fav ]



UK - https://www.bi7jta.org/shop

USA - https://www.bi7jta.org/cart/




HamBoxes  https://hamboxes.com/


Dv-MEGA Genesis  https://www.facebook.com/dvmega.co.uk/



Gateway's you said you like:  [ send editor your fav ]


MB6DH   144.81250 Fusion / C4FM only (Cambridgeshire, England)   https://www.mb6dh.com/


MB6IM  Matlock Wires-X


MB7ITG  Telford Wires -X


Net's you said you like:  [ send editor your fav ]

DV Scotland NET's    


C4FM Talk Radio NET from M7WDX   ( see top of this page )


Ladies Digital Roundtable   43197   ysf  73102


NWFG  Sue's Net   28804    ysf  64296


Room's you said you  like:   [ send editor your fav room info ]

00-CQ-UK-C4FM      27793


M7WDX ROOM  [ C4FM Talk Radio NET hosting room ]     86134    ysf  86134


00-CQ-WORLD     Wires-X 41619    ysf 00-CQ-WORLD   NEW from  www.cq-uk.co.uk  


North West Fusion Group   41755    ysf  GB NWFG


The Bay Net by NWFG Wires-X 41755   ysf  GB NWFG


Wales Ragchew Net by M7EMH,  WALES-WDRG   87517   ysf  00251


Canada Wires X Room 40678


Kansas City-Wide Fusion   Room 28054  (AMERICA-KC-WIDE)     ysf  32453  (US-KCWIDE)


Southwest USA Room, Ladies Digital Roundtable   43197   ysf  73102


America Link [ does anyone in the world NOT know of this mega popular room ]



Shop's you like:  [ send editor your fav ]


HAMBOXES UK   https://hamboxes.com/


DV-MEGA  UK    https://www.facebook.com/dvmega.co.uk/


Martin Lynch & Sons    https://www.hamradio.co.uk/


Moonraker   https://moonrakeronline.com/


Radioworld Ltd   https://www.radioworld.co.uk/


United States

Giga Parts    https://www.gigaparts.com/








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